About the Animations

Q: New Zealand-based animator Tomas Cottle has created striking animations from Pass’ artwork.

RS: Bringing Hope to life in the text was a labor of years. It was a shock to see her gesturing to the miners, opening her wings and diving into the depths. Tom’s work, for me, is more than masterful. It’s a kind of magic.

The Private

“Bring Me More” (Ch. 2)

“Pure and Chaste” (Ch. 4)

“Give Hope Your Heart” (Ch. 6)

“Swing That Sledge” (Ch. 7)

“See What You Are” (Ch. 8)

“Hope’s Not Here” (Ch. 12)

“Farther Down” (Ch. 13)

“Come to Me” (Ch. 15)

“Hope, Take Me Home” (Ch. 17)

“At the Shift’s End” (Ch. 19)